Goodbye Handles

Replace all door handles and knobs with safer door opening technology

Keep hands clean, fresh and sanitary for all

Reduce paper towel usage for covering a conventional handle

Present a positive sanitary image of your facility or estate

Foot Door Opener

$24.99 per opener

Our foot door opener helps slow and prevent the spread of germs providing a simple and effective way to enter or exit a doorway. Featuring an intuitive and sleek design, customers will be happy to save that extra paper towel in place of their foot.

Forearm Door Opener

$21.99 per opener

Featuring an easy-to-use angled design, our forearm opener helps minimize the spread of germs with a simple evolution to the regular door handle. Allow patrons the option to utilize their forearms in this touch-free solution to germ-infested handles.

Promote hygiene standards like a leader in your community

Every purchase comes with a printed "Safe Door Handle Facility" sign so you can assure visitors or employees that you are prioritizing their interactions with your building.

About Goodbye Handles:

Goodbye Handles was started by a group of social entrepreneurs who wanted to do more for local small businesses and their efforts in this new hygienic world. Our products are sourced both internally and externally to assure that we're always delivering the highest quality product.

10% of all proceeds is donated to the Opportunity Fund, a small business relief fund setup to support businesses affected by COVID-19.

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